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A Wild Brew

A practice I find incredibly grounding at this time of year is to get outdoors and gently gather some beautiful fresh Spring plants for a brew.

There are so many medicinal plants growing in abundance at this time of year that are perfectly aligned to help nourish and cleanse the body after Winter. Many even make their way into our gardens if we let them!

The art of learning about them, their environment & their identifying features, gathering and preparing them through to sipping our magickal tea can be a truly mindful and enriching practice from start to finish.

Some of my favourites just now are: Dandelions, (flowers & leaves) Daisies, Nettle, Cleavers, Red dead Nettle, Hawthorn, (leaves & flowers) and Ground Ivy amongst many others. If you don’t feel confident identifying wild plants just yet, fresh herbs can be a wonderful addition to your cup too. Lemon balm, Mint, Sage and Rosemary are all growing well now.

The transition between seasons can sometimes result in us feeling restless, impatient, rushed or ungrounded. Prioritising some practices that help you feel more connected to the present moment can be really helpful as we navigate the change in pace and energy of a new season. You can find more Spring mindfulness practices here.

I’d love to hear how your energy and mood has been lately and what practices you find helpful to support you during this time.

Please note, the art of foraging is a joyful journey and one that we have been on for many years. There are lots to consider on your journey. Only ever pick things you are completely sure you can identify, there are so many wonderful resources to support with this, some common plants have deadly lookalikes. Always be mindful of your environment and nature, get to know areas/plants and ensure you are picking respectfully and safely always. Read more about foraging guidelines here.

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