Our love for the Natural World inspired the creation of Wild Fen.

We have both been studying and enjoying nature for most of our lives. This has evolved in many ways from growing organic herbs, plants and produce to foraging wild edibles and healing plants. We love to concoct natural remedies and celebrate the beauty and magic of nature through photography, artwork and creations.

We grow or sustainably forage every plant that we work with. Weaving them into items to support your wellbeing and self care practices and encourage a deeper connection with nature.

We now live a simple, seasonal and wild life, close to nature in our hand built van home. We have recently moved to a plot of land in the Northamptonshire countryside where we can grow more of our beloved plants, catch up on our journey here.

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About Nic

I have felt a deep connection to nature all my life and have spent many years studying and enjoying the outdoors. My Masters degree in Ecology and Conservation took me to Tanzania for 18 months and the west coast of Scotland for 2 years where I studied animals, their habitats and their connections to the seasonal cycle. In more recent years I have trained in Mindfulness & Ecotherapy and worked as a Wellbeing practitioner. I have a particular interest in how nature can support our wellbeing and teach us more about our inner worlds. I love exploring, foraging and wild swimming in our Fenland surroundings and further afield too. I am passionate about living a seasonal life that celebrates the beauty & magic of nature, and this inspired the creation of Wild Fen.

About Chris

I have always spent my free time outdoors, from camping with my family as a kid to wild camping as an adult. I’ve spent my life observing and immersing myself into the natural world; hiking, canoeing, photographing wildlife, learning bushcraft and making videos of my adventures. I have a design background which led me to be the production editor of a bushcraft magazine for 4 years, working with outdoor experts and enthusiasts from around the world. Eager to spend more time outdoors I worked as a landscape gardener until Nic and I decided to blend our love for nature, foraging and wellbeing together to create Wild Fen.