We handcraft Wild Jewellery from windfallen wood to celebrate the beauty and magic of the forest

Wild Moon Pendants

Our Moon collection continues to expand, crafted to order from magickal native woods. Finished with our Moon oil – organic sunflower seed oil infused with plants associated with the moon; Mugwort, Willow leaf, Rose petals & Mallow flowers.

Sun & Moon Pairs

Inspired by the balancing energy of the equinoxes, these Sun and Moon pairs can be crafted to order from these rare and uniquely patterned woods.

Forest Pendants

Slices of our favourite trees, crafted simply to celebrate the true essence of the wood. Read more about our Forest Pendants.

Witch’s Trio

Smooth beads turned from Yew, Hawthorn and Elder. Three magickal woods long revered by our ancestors as trees of the witch; the healer, the goddess and the medicine keeper.

Previous Wild Jewellery Collections


Energetic qualities: Life Force, Inner Wisdom, Connection, Heart Healing, Protection, Enchantment. Read more about the Magick of Hawthorn.


Energetic qualities: Longevity, Regeneration, Ancestral connection, Survival, Strength. Read more about the Magick of Yew.


We love to work with native wood and are always seeing where it takes us!

We handcraft Wild Jewellery from windfallen wood to celebrate the beauty and magick of the forest and energies of trees. Each piece of wood is carefully and respectfully gathered, carved and smoothed to celebrate the unique story and energy it holds. We work intuitively, choosing to highlight the intricacies and life history of the wood. The result is unique wooden jewellery with character, patterns and wonderful colourings from aging, spalting and ebonising. Each piece is finished with organic Sunflower oil infused with plants, threaded on organic hemp cord and fastened with a hand-made Birch button ready for its new home.

Our offerings are ever changing as we journey to new places, discover new woods and concoct custom orders for customers.

We sell our Wild Jewellery in our Etsy shop and share more about our crafting process on Instagram. We are happy to discuss commissions and work with a range of native and naturalised woods, get in touch to find out more.