Wheel of the Year

The Beltane Fire

The festival of Beltane is almost upon us and marks the peak of Spring in the Northern hemisphere. Beltane is a fire festival, with the word bel-tene meaning a ‘goodly fire.’ Fire has long been associated with transformation, cleansing and purification, burning the old down to make way and fertilise the new. At Beltane, Spring has reached its peak and Summer begins to emerge with a more direct and committed energy.

To connect with this, you may wish to light a fire, candle or burn incense over the weekend to help physically and symbolically clear the path for a new season. whilst observing the flame consider any or all of the following:

  • Give thanks for the qualities fire energy brings to your life – your passion, creative spark, self expression, spontaneity and determination.
  • If there are any of the above qualities you would like to embrace more of in your life, visualise breathing them in deeply as you watch the flame.
  • Allow the fire’s energy to support you in what you are wanting to initiate at this time. Imagine its potent energy kindling and expanding your ideas.
  • Consider what you wish to put into the Beltane fire for transformation; any beliefs or patterns that no longer support you or any ideas that haven’t worked out so far, imagine dropping them all in.
  • What barriers would you like to burn through and transform? visualise the fire burning through these now.

With Beltane blessings!

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