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A Tale of Two Kings

Hello lovely soul,

With June almost upon us we have been finding ourselves inspired by the legend of the Oak and Holly kings. In today’s post we shall be sharing a little more about this legend, reflecting on the energy of Oak and Holly and introducing you to our new Wild Jewellery collection, so lets dive in…

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Celebrating Majestic May with a Hawthorn Wild Jewellery collection

I think of May engulfing the land in a vibrant cloak of green and blossoms. One of my favourite things to do this month is stand beneath the canopies of newly opened Beech, Oak or Horse Chestnut leaves and feel the light find its way down to me, filtered through their green pigments. My other joy of the month is of course the Hawthorn or May tree that fills our hedgerows and trackways with its creamy white blossom.

In today’s post we will be introducing you to our 9 Hawthorn pendants, a new Smoke Cleansing Incense blend and giving you first access to both…

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Walking with Trees

Have you ever found yourself drawn to a certain tree? Something about the blossom, leaves or bark that captures your attention if only for a few moments? Is there a particular tree or woodland you find yourself visiting when you want to unwind or sit and reflect? Do you notice yourself feeling a certain way after sitting beneath a tree – inspired, calmer or supported in some way?

The calls may be so subtle that we barely notice them at first, they may even get lost on busy days but I urge you to pay attention to what arises the next time you find yourself in the company of a tree. It may just become the start of an enriching journey connecting back to our tree kin. In this post, I shall be sharing more about our own tree journey, hearing their whispers and finding inspiration beneath the apple blossom.

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Wheel of the Year

Beltane is coming

In my previous post, I discussed the lessons I have learned from the slower arrival of Spring this year.

It feels a little hard to believe that Beltane, the next festival of the Wheel of the Year is just around the corner. Celebrated at the beginning of May, Beltane is the mid point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. Typically, it marks Spring’s peak and the birth of Summer and is a celebration of the Earth’s fertile energy and life force. In today’s post I will share some ideas for connecting with the energy of Beltane and the plants associated with this time of year.

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Thoughts on the Creative Process

This morning I revisited a creation that I began work on a few years ago and it got me thinking about my creative processes. Some creations emerge with such certainty, that they can be created the day the inspiration for them arrives. Other creations unravel at a much slower pace, the inspiration for them ebbs and flows. At times I lose sight of it altogether. Sometimes I walk with creations throughout a season, sometimes longer. I may take a break from them, allowing them to rest before hearing their whispers to meet again.

I guess I often favoured the experience of the rapid creative process because it feels productive and exciting to have such clarity about something I must create. I would go as far as saying that when I don’t experience that clarity I question whether I have enough passion for what I’m creating, whether I should carry on or let it fade away.

Today I returned to an incense blend that I have been working on (and off) for over a year. As I lost myself in its aroma I recognised the beauty in the slow unravelling of creations. The richness that comes from meeting an idea in a different space to the one that it was formed. The depth that travelling through the seasons with a creation brings, as we grow beside it.

Until today I had met the slow emergence of Spring with some frustration but was able to find some appreciation for the slower unfoldings that can be steeped in depth and richness too. Perhaps that is my lesson, from this slow to unfold Spring.


The Magick of Oak

Oak trees support more life than any other native tree, providing food and shelter to hundreds of species of insects, birds, mammals and fungi. They live long lives (between 700 – 1000 years) and bring stability and support to the environment around them. Their roots delve as deep as their branches open wide, giving them balance and a deep rootedness that supports their vast presence.

This iconic tree has shaped human evolution and we have an intrinsic connection to them in this landscape. We have walked beside them for thousands of years, feeding on their acorns, building boats and homes from their wood and navigating by, and meeting beneath their sheltering branches.

In this post we will be sharing more about our journey getting to know this wonderful tree and its symbolism and associations…

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Wheel of the Year

Ostara, Air and Smoke Cleansing

This year, Ostara, the celebration of the Spring Equinox falls on Monday 20th March in the Northern Hemisphere. Day and night length return to an equal balance once again. This can be a good time to reflect on the areas in our own lives where we would like to cultivate more balance. In today’s post I will share some simple Ostara practices that you may like to try this weekend and introduce you to one of the elements associated with this season; Air.

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Wheel of the Year

Yule is coming

Yule is the ancient festival celebrated at the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. In the Northern hemisphere that day falls on Wednesday 21st December. At this point, darkness has reached its peak after which the light slowly begins to expand once again as the cycle continues on.

Yule can be a good time to assess where we are at and what has supported us throughout these dark months. Are we feeling rested or frazzled? How can we introduce more nourishment into our lives?

In this post we will be sharing more about Yule and introducing our Yule Wild Jewellery collection…

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Astrological, Moon

Lunar Calendar 2023

We are very excited to announce the release of our Lunar Calendars for 2023! This is the third year of creating them, and if you are familiar with our previous versions, you will know that they have undergone some big changes this year!

We wanted to align our Moon Calendars to our Wheel of the Year design, where we gathered historical wildlife and botanical illustrations for each of the seasons and we are really pleased with the results for these Lunar prints.

This year, our Calendar will be available in 3 sizes; an A6 card, perfect for popping in the front of a diary/journal or placed on an altar, and 8 x 10″ and 11 x 14″ prints. We have also created some limited edition Moon Ritual boxsets that you can find out more about below!

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Trees, Wild Jewellery

The Magick of Apple

Apple trees hold such rich symbolism in our culture and have inspired artwork, poetry, fairy tale and song throughout the ages. They are associated with the season of Samhain as their branches hang heavy with beautiful, nourishing fruits during this time.

From our native crab apple tree, over 6000 species of apple tree have evolved and their blossoms, leaves and fruits feed a vast amount of wildlife throughout the year.

Apple trees are a member of the very special Rosaceae family, that also includes Roses, Hawthorns, Rowans, Blackberries and Blackthorn. The blossom of many species within this family have 5 petals and if you have ever cut an apple in half horizontally you may have noticed the 5 pointed star at its core. This star is also present on the bottom of Hawthorn and Rowan berries and many believe that it is symbolic of the uniting of the 5 elements; earth, air, water, fire and spirit.

Yesterday we shared that we have created a small Wild Jewellery release in celebration of the energy of Samhain and introduced you to our pieces crafted from Blackthorn. Today I wanted to introduce you to some pieces we have crafted from Apple wood and the energetic qualities of this beautiful, sweet smelling wood…

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