Botanical offerings to support your wellbeing rituals. Crafted with homegrown and respectfully gathered plants in small, seasonal batches.

Smoulder Sticks

  • Our Smoulder Sticks are bundles of herbs and flora intuitively woven together and dried for the purpose of burning.
  • This ancient tradition is one of the earliest forms of aromatherapy and can enhance meditation practices, clearing and seasonal rituals.
  • As the stick smoulders an aromatic smoke is released containing many of the beneficial compounds and energies of the plants.
  • We craft small seasonal batches of Smoulder Sticks with our homegrown herbs, and wild medicinal plants that we gather with great care and respect.
  • We supply independent shops and create tailor made smoulder sticks for individuals. Get in touch to find out more.
  • Read more about Smoulder Sticks.

Loose Incense Blends

  • Our loose incense blends combine leaves, petals, buds, barks and resins all lovingly grown or gathered by us with great care and respect to nature.
  • Plants are gathered at their most abundant and dried carefully to maintain their potency.
  • Our incense is blended without added fragrance or essential oils and are intended for use in rituals, wellbeing and self care practices.
  • Our blends are ideal for use with a mesh incense burner, or can be smouldered on a charcoal disc for ceremonies.
  • Our blends include; Botanical blend, Forest Blend and Sun & Moon blends.
  • Read more about Loose Incense.
  • We have recently launched our handmade ceramic loose Incense Burner with a mesh top that allows herbs to gently smoulder.

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