Organically grown and wild foraged plants, sustainably gathered and handwoven into our botanical offerings. Celebrating the beauty & magick of Nature

Smoulder Sticks

  • Burning herbs would have been the earliest form of aromatherapy. As a plant burns, it releases an aromatic smoke containing many of the plants beneficial compounds and energies.
  • Our Smoulder Sticks are bundles of dried herbs we have grown or sustainably gathered from the wild intuitively woven in small batches.
  • We harvest our plants when they are at their most potent, often during the waning moon cycle. At this time water content in the plant falls, making them easier to dry.
  • Smoulder sticks can be used to enhance meditation & self care practices. They can encourage us to feel more grounded & relaxed, and cleanse & energise our spaces.
  • We supply independent shops and create tailor made smoulder sticks for individuals. Get in touch to find out more.

Loose Incense Blends

  • Blends of dried plants, barks and locally foraged resins that we have gathered throughout the seasonal cycle.
  • Our blends are ideal for use with a mesh incense burner, and can be smouldered on a charcoal disc for ceremonies, or enjoyed as a natural pot pourri.
  • Our magickal mixes includes: cedar, pine, mugwort, rosemary, bay, rose, wild mint, sage, yarrow, hawthorn, willow and rowan and many other magickal plants. See our listing for full ingredients.

Mindful Jars

  • Glass jars filled with aromatic botanicals that provide a sensory aid to support your mindful practice.
  • The jars are a visual and aromatic aid to help you connect with the present moment. They can keep these at home, on a desk, by the bed or popped in a bag for use on the go.
  • To provide a mindful moment to help calm, ground and revive.

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