Wheel of the Year

Beltane is coming

In my previous post, I discussed the lessons I have learned from the slower arrival of Spring this year.

It feels a little hard to believe that Beltane, the next festival of the Wheel of the Year is just around the corner. Celebrated at the beginning of May, Beltane is the mid point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. Typically, it marks Spring’s peak and the birth of Summer and is a celebration of the Earth’s fertile energy and life force. In today’s post I will share some ideas for connecting with the energy of Beltane and the plants associated with this time of year.

Plants and Beltane

Rosemary, is growing rapidly at Beltane and is often flowering. It is a wonderful herb to plant, dry and burn or make tea from at this time. Other plants I have felt strongly connected to this year are dandelion and red dead nettle both of which feel incredibly abundant. Making a tea with any of these plants can be a lovely way to connect with the energy of the season.

The Hawthorn or May tree’s creamy white blossom unfurls in May and is a joy to visit and spend some time with.

A Hawthorn ritual

One of my favourite ways to enjoy Hawthorn’s heart healing medicine at this time of year is to spend some time in the tree’s presence, observe their blossom, watch insects visit them busily and breath in their magic and life force. As we do so, allow any fear that may be holding us back unstick from our hearts and disperse with a slow gentle outbreath.

Ideas for connecting with the season

If you too have felt a little out of sorts this year, I have found getting out and connecting with nature really helpful, even if it does require a few extra layers than usual!

  • It is a brilliant time to spot wildlife! Birds are busy building nests and performing mating rituals so see who you can spot in your garden or visit a local nature reserve. Bird song is also ramping up so take time to notice the variation of song around you. Insects are starting to reappear and you may even spot hares darting around particularly if you spend some time in the countryside.
  • Eat outdoors, a picnic in the woods or lunch in the garden can foster feelings that Summer really may be on its way!
  • If you are lucky enough to live near a blueblue woodland, now is the time to visit! Other flowers to look out for are primroses, anemones and wild garlic.
  • Notice the blossom on the trees, take a photo, perhaps have a go at drawing some.
  • Do something that feels luxurious to you. A daytime bath, make a facemask, sit in the sun with a book, pick some flowers, take yourself for a solo walk, whatever lights you up.

Wild Fen Offerings

This year, we are harnessing Beltane’s energy to feed some long term projects that we have been working on. To say thank you for your ongoing support we are offering 15% off shop wide until 2nd May, a rare sale for us!

Wishing you all a beautiful Beltane and here is to some warmer days ahead!

With love,

Nic and Chris

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  1. Yes to exploring the seasons at a slower pace ? I’m enjoying your prompts about connecting to the season, and I think that is what I will be concentrating on in the coming seasons through your Wheel of the Year cards. Thank you. T xx ________________________________


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