Wheel of the Year

Ostara, Air and Smoke Cleansing

This year, Ostara, the celebration of the Spring Equinox falls on Monday 20th March in the Northern Hemisphere. Day and night length return to an equal balance once again. This can be a good time to reflect on the areas in our own lives where we would like to cultivate more balance. In today’s post I will share some simple Ostara practices that you may like to try this weekend and introduce you to one of the elements associated with this season; Air.

The Element of Air

The energy of air creates movement and change and can sometimes feel like a ‘breath of fresh air’ after the Winter months. It is a stimulating force that brings new ideas and perspectives. Just like the feel of a warm spring breeze on our faces, it can ease our minds and bodies, dissolving the stagnation that may have set in over the winter months.

Just like the weather at this time of year air has an unpredictable nature too. Whilst it can be an energising and stimulating force, in excess it can feel unsettling, busy, or leave us feeling overwhelmed. If this is something you are experienced, you may find my Mindful Spring practices grounding in this season of growth.

Ostara practices

  • Spring is a great time to clear and declutter. Open your windows and welcome the fresh air and birdsong into your space.
  • Smoke cleansing is a wonderful way to harness the energy of air as a supportive force during this season. If you are new to smoke cleansing you may find it helpful to explore our past articles including, why burn plants?
  • Create an Ostara ritual by burning some dried herbs or incense. As you sit comfortably, take a few breathes to centre yourself within your ritual. Observe the smoke moving and ask it to help clear away what has been creating any weight on your mind and shoulders. Allow your forehead, jaw and shoulders to soften as you continue breathing deeply. Take as much time as you need in this space, allowing the smoke to clear the way for what is ready to enter.
  • Plant some seeds. These could be herbs, flowers or vegetables that you would like to grow.
  • Take a walk. Notice any signs of Spring you see along your way.
  • Write a list of things that you would like to grow this year, brainstorm..anything is possible!

Wild Fen Offerings

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Smoke cleansing ritual kits

To celebrate Ostara we have designed a new A6 card with a guided smoke cleansing ritual to accompany our loose incense blends and smoulder sticks.

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Wishing you all a gently uplifting Ostara,

Nic and Chris

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