Wheel of the Year

Yule is coming

Yule is the ancient festival celebrated at the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. In the Northern hemisphere that day falls on Wednesday 21st December. At this point, darkness has reached its peak after which the light slowly begins to expand once again as the cycle continues on.

Yule can be a good time to assess where we are at and what has supported us throughout these dark months. Are we feeling rested or frazzled? How can we introduce more nourishment into our lives?

In this post we will be sharing more about Yule and introducing our Yule Wild Jewellery collection…

The Holly & Oak Kings

This year we have been inspired by the legend of the Holly and Oak Kings. In many Celtic-based traditions, variations of this story can be found. The Oak and Holly Kings have long been believed to rule over different halves of the year. As we reach the Winter Solstice/Yule, the Holly King who rules over the darker half of the year is at his peak power and can be found standing full of energy in any woodland. The Holly King symbolises the inner journey, personal strength, intuition and quiet reflection. As the light begins to return, as does the strength of the Oak King who rules over the light half of the year, standing in his peak power at the Summer Solstice/Litha. The Oak King symbolises the outer journey and embodies courage, energy and community.

Yule Wild Jewellery collection

In celebration of these two powerful trees, we have created a special Wild Jewellery collection for Yule. Each piece combines the pale, dense wood of the Holly tree and the beautiful rich, patterned wood of bone Oak. Bone Oak is is the inner heartwood of an Oak tree and is extremely strong with rare and beautiful markings. You can see the first glance of the collection here..

Shop Update

Due to the current postal strikes we have made the decision to close our Wild Fen store early this year. The shop will close this Sunday 11th December at 7pm and will reopen in the new year. To thank everyone for the support we have received this year, we are running a sale on our Wheel of the Year prints and card sets and our Lunar Calendar prints. We are also offering free postage on lots of items in store. Stock in beginning to run low but we still have some elusive Wild Fen Incense Burners left and our popular Moon Ritual kits too.

Finally we would love to wish you all a Yuletide that includes peace, joy and replenishment. It is easy to experience overwhelm in these dark days so this is a reminder to prioritise some moments to exhale and rest amongst it all.

With love and Yule blessings,

Nic and Chris

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