The Magic of Oak

Oak trees support more life than any other native tree, providing food and shelter to hundreds of species of insects, birds, mammals and fungi. They live long lives (between 700 – 1000 years) and bring stability and support to the environment around them. Their roots delve as deep as their branches open wide, giving them balance and a deep rootedness that supports their vast presence.

This iconic tree has shaped human evolution and we have an intrinsic connection to them in this landscape. We have walked beside them for thousands of years, feeding on their acorns, building boats and homes from their wood and navigating by, and meeting beneath their sheltering branches.

In this post we will be sharing more about our journey getting to know this wonderful tree and its symbolism and associations…

Oak and the Sun

Oak trees are associated with the Sun and the Summer Solstice and are often described as the ‘King of the Forest’. You can read more about the legend of the Oak king here. Sitting beneath an Oak tree at Midsummer is an enriching experience. You can feel them in their element, buzzing with life, vivid green and growing their acorns, a symbol of fertility and abundance. And yet they are a treat at any time of year whether they are unfurling their new Spring leaves and flowers, shedding their rich orangey leaves or showing us the structure of their curved, bare branches.

We have been spending lots of time over the past few years deepening our connection with these majestic trees. Getting to know them through the seasons, working with their wood and even adding their bark and wood into our Sun Incense blend.

Our Sun Smoke Cleansing blend includes Oak wood to harness the strengthening energy of the Oak tree

Oak Wood

Oak wood is one of the strongest in the world and it is not surprising that it symbolises Strength, Stability, Grounding and Balance.  Bone Oak is is the inner heartwood of an Oak tree and is extremely strong. It has rare and beautiful markings that can be seen in our Oak Sun and Moon pendants below.

We would love to hear about your own connection with these wonderful trees,

With love,

Nic and Chris x

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