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The Magick of Apple

Apple trees hold such rich symbolism in our culture and have inspired artwork, poetry, fairy tale and song throughout the ages. They are associated with the season of Samhain as their branches hang heavy with beautiful, nourishing fruits during this time.

From our native crab apple tree, over 6000 species of apple tree have evolved and their blossoms, leaves and fruits feed a vast amount of wildlife throughout the year.

Apple trees are a member of the very special Rosaceae family, that also includes Roses, Hawthorns, Rowans, Blackberries and Blackthorn. The blossom of many species within this family have 5 petals and if you have ever cut an apple in half horizontally you may have noticed the 5 pointed star at its core. This star is also present on the bottom of Hawthorn and Rowan berries and many believe that it is symbolic of the uniting of the 5 elements; earth, air, water, fire and spirit.

Yesterday we shared that we have created a small Wild Jewellery release in celebration of the energy of Samhain and introduced you to our pieces crafted from Blackthorn. Today I wanted to introduce you to some pieces we have crafted from Apple wood and the energetic qualities of this beautiful, sweet smelling wood…

Wild Apple Moon Pendants

This pinky wood, was a delight to carve into our classic Moon shaped pendant.

Apple and Blackthorn Beads

This necklace is a celebration of Samhain combining a large central Blackthorn bead surrounded by 2 smaller apple beads.

Apple Forest Pendant

We have added Apple to the range of tree slices in our Forest Pendant collection. These pendants are crafted to order.

The energetic qualities of Apple: Abundance, Magick, Nourishment, Health, Earth Connection

The Apple tree is a delight to behold at any time of year, full of the sweetest smelling blossoms in the Spring, and heavy with nourishing fruits in the Autumn, its gnarled and twisty branches remind us of magick on those dull Winter days. Apple trees are steeped in folklore and have long been a symbol of love, abundance and magick throughout the world.

Apples rich with nutrients are a tonic for the whole system and Apple energy can support us when we are feeling tired, depleted and unenthused to bring a vibrancy back to our days and remind us of the abundance within.

All our Wild Jewellery pieces will be in store at 7pm tomorrow, we hope you love them.

Forest blessings,

Nic and Chris

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