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The Magick of Blackthorn

The frosted inky sloe berries decorating the hedgerows just now are the fruits of the Blackthorn. A small deciduous tree that is most at home forming dense, impenetrable hedges. Blackthorns are part of the Rose family that alongside roses also include Hawthorns, Rowans, Crab Apple and Wild Cherry trees. This family holds deep magick for this time of year, their branches hang abundant with rich fruits, a nourishing glut that supports life moving into the Winter months.

As we move towards Samhain, we felt pulled to work with this beautiful, protective wood in celebration of the energy of the season. We shall be releasing a small collection of Wild Jewellery that will be in store on Friday 28th October at 7pm. Scroll down for a sneak peak of some of the pieces and to read more about the energetic qualities of Blackthorn…

Samhain Wild Jewellery Collection

These 2 pieces have been smoothed to reveal the beautiful patterns within this wood. We have left the black bark on the top and bottom of the pendant for extra tactile magick!

Blackthorn Forest Pendant

In celebration of Samhain we have added Blackthorn to the range of tree slices in our Forest Pendant collection. These pendants are crafted to order.

Energetic qualities of Blackthorn: Boundaries, Determination, Hope, Overcoming Challenges.

Blackthorns are small but powerful trees that grow in dense thickets, providing a safe home for many species of wildlife. Their sharp thorns create boundaries and working with their energy can help us strengthen our own boundaries to create a safe space to connect with our inner worlds.

Blackthorn blossom arrives before the leaves in early Spring, providing a symbol of hope and a reminder of the cyclic nature of all things. Come Autumn, their inky sloe berries decorate the hedgerows with abundance for all.

Alongside Blackthorn we have been working with Apple wood for this collection which we shall be introducing you to tomorrow!

With Forest magick,

Nic and Chris

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