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Lunar Calendar 2023

We are very excited to announce the release of our Lunar Calendars for 2023! This is the third year of creating them, and if you are familiar with our previous versions, you will know that they have undergone some big changes this year!

We wanted to align our Moon Calendars to our Wheel of the Year design, where we gathered historical wildlife and botanical illustrations for each of the seasons and we are really pleased with the results for these Lunar prints.

This year, our Calendar will be available in 3 sizes; an A6 card, perfect for popping in the front of a diary/journal or placed on an altar, and 8 x 10″ and 11 x 14″ prints. We have also created some limited edition Moon Ritual boxsets that you can find out more about below!

Lunar Calendar Prints

These single sided prints are available in 2 sizes. They contain the dates for all the New, Full, 1st and 3rd Quarter Moons of the year plus the star signs for each New and Full Moon!

Lunar Calendar cards

These double sided cards also include the dates of the year’s seasonal festivals and celestial events on the back.

Moon Ritual Boxsets

Our boxsets are intended to help you work with the energy of the Moon at any phase in its cycle. They include a Lunar Calendar Card, Moon Ritual sheet with journal prompts for each Moon phase and either a Moon Incense Blend or Moon Smoulder Stick.

We hope you love them and keep your eyes peeled for some other boxsets coming very soon too!

With love,

Nic and Chris

1 thought on “Lunar Calendar 2023”

  1. I am starting my life over again and trying desperately to refind myself and soul. I lost my job two weeks ago and am trying to find another one within the next week. I am out of finances and am wondering if there’s any chance at all I could be sent just a single card of a moon calendar? For the end of this year at the very least? I do not own a printer or have access to one. I live in a town where I don’t really know many and am souly alone. I spend most of my time reading and trying to gain knowledge on paganism and have finally successfully completely my altar.

    As above,
    So below.


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