Walking with Trees

Have you ever found yourself drawn to a certain tree? Something about the blossom, leaves or bark that captures your attention if only for a few moments? Is there a particular tree or woodland you find yourself visiting when you want to unwind or sit and reflect? Do you notice yourself feeling a certain way after sitting beneath a tree – inspired, calmer or supported in some way?

The calls may be so subtle that we barely notice them at first, they may even get lost on busy days but I urge you to pay attention to what arises the next time you find yourself in the company of a tree. It may just become the start of an enriching journey connecting back to our tree kin. In this post, I shall be sharing more about our own tree journey, hearing their whispers and finding inspiration beneath the apple blossom.

Our lives have been interwoven with trees since the dawn of time. Our most fundamental function – breathing is dependent on them. Practically, they have provided us with food, homes, heat, tools and furniture. Spiritually they can provide spaces for us to unwind, reflect and find strength. It is no wonder they inspire poetry, song and art throughout the world.

When I look back, my childhood memories are infused with trees. Climbing, building dens and hiding beneath them, gathering acorns and conkers, or crushing up conifer leaves to release their smell. In more recent years, my journey with trees has become especially enriching. During the intensity of the pandemic, woodlands became a place of refuge for me. Spending time recharging beneath their branches, I began to notice new things about them, like the many different types of flowers that grew on them in the Spring time. I found myself pulled to visit certain trees, or research new ones, hearing their whispers and stories and the call to celebrate their energies in our creations.

Last week, we spent the morning lying beneath some Apple trees in the Avalon orchard that lies beneath Glastonbury Tor. The trees were filled with the most beautiful pink tinged blossom. It is hard not to feel inspired beneath their branches. As I watched a crow flying contently between the trees, I remembered that we had discovered this beautiful place a few Autumns ago, when the orchard was filled with lush apples and I had longed to return ever since.

The Apple tree is a delight to behold at any time of year. They are steeped in folklore and have long been a symbol of love, abundance and magic throughout the world. I have found Apple energy to supports us when we are feeling tired, depleted and unenthused to bring a vibrancy back to our days and remind us of the abundance within.

The last few months have felt challenging, waiting for Spring to arrive. At times inspiration has felt lost, my energy sluggish from the long Winter. As I laid in the sun beneath the Apple trees it felt no surprise that I had returned here at this time. After a while, I began to feel energy slowly seep back to me. Ideas were fluttering and I noticed a new motivation to move and nourish my body that had been missing for so long.

Trees have so much to share with us if we can slow down enough to hear their whispers. Pay attention to any that draw you in and notice how you feel after spending time in their company. We would love to hear about trees that are special to you.

We are currently working on a new collection of Wild Jewellery that we look forward to sharing with you in the coming weeks. We also craft our Wild Moon pendants and Forest slices to order from windfallen Apple wood.

With love and inspiration from the orchard,


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