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Rowan Berry Garlands

There is a lot about this year that has been anything but ordinary, from record temperatures, severe lack of rainfall, and now the early arrival of many fruits including the beautiful berries of the Rowan tree.

The vibrant orangey-red berries always seem to call to me and for the last few years it has become a tradition to gather the ripe berries and string them into garlands that decorate our home and altar space.

Ancient Tradition

Making and hanging Rowan berry garlands around the home is an ancient tradition, believed to protect the space and invite good luck. Berries are gathered and garlands made as we head towards the Autumn months, crossing the threshold to the darker half of the year. Once dried, the garlands keep for years, bringing a rich pop of colour and magick to the home.

How to make a Rowan Berry Garland

Making these garlands is a beautifully mindful process and one you may wish to try. As with any gift from nature, gather the berries gently; they feed so many of our wild friends, so a bunch or two from abundant trees is recommended. Using a natural thread (we love to use hemp cord) and needle, pierce the berries through the middle and thread it on to your string. We like to add a knot between each berry and loops on each end of the garland so that they are easy to hang up. Hang up to dry in a warm, airy place away from direct sunlight. The berries will harden and the colour gets richer as they dry.

Rowan Tree Magick

Rowan trees are sometimes known as ‘Mountain Ash’ or ‘Lady of the Mountains’ as they grow higher up mountain sides than any of our other native trees. They grow quite happily in our towns too, but survive, and even thrive in some of our harshest landscapes, protecting and nurturing other trees around them by improving the fertility of the soil. They symbolise protection and resilience and are a wonderful ally to bring into the home.

Wild Fen Garlands

Throughout Lammas have been crafting a small batch of garlands that are now available in our shop. We created them in 2 lengths ideal for hanging up or displaying on your altar. We are offering 10% off with the code ROWANMAGICK this weekend too!

We would love to hear if you have a go at making them!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

Nic and Chris x

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