Wheel of the Year


Litha, the festival celebrated at the Summer Solstice marks the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere. Light reaches its peak. The days stretch long and this can feel both productive and/or overwhelming depending on how nourished we are feeling at this time.

The Summer Solstice falls on 21st June and can be a good time to create some rituals to connect with your self and the earth and fill up your well, if only for a short but mindful time.

Rituals don’t have to be vast, showy or require lots of props. They can be as simple as taking your morning cup of tea into the garden without your phone, laying on the grass and watching the sky, or soaking in a bath with a handful of lavender or rose petals. The most vital ingredient to our rituals is often our intention to make the space for them in our lives.

You can find more ideas for connecting with Litha in our Seasonal Reflection Card above, but I would also encourage you to find your own ways to connect with the energy of the season in any ways you feel drawn.

If you wish to discover more about Litha you may enjoy working with our Litha journal prompts.

Sending you all a little wildflower magick from a beautiful meadow we discovered earlier this week, it felt like the true spirit of Litha…

Nic and Chris

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