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Forest Pendant Collection part 2

Welcome to the second part of our Forest Pendant Collection. Here we introduce you to another 6 woods and their energetic properties.


Life Force, Inner Wisdom, Connection, Heart Healing, Protection, Enchantment

Hawthorns have long been associated with magick, healing and protection. Once a custom to plant a Hawthorn outside every house for good luck, they are still found marking many sacred sites around the country.

Hawthorn is believed to aid connection to our intuition and the wisdom of the natural world. A medicine for the heart and the nervous system Hawthorn can guide us to reconnect to ourselves and our magic, dispel fear and live from the heart.


Vitality, New growth, Creativity, Flexibility, Ease.

Hazel trees colour cold winter days with their vibrant yellow catkins. Associated with Imbolc, Hazel grow quickly and with ease whilst remaining incredibly flexible as they do so. Humans have a long relationship with Hazel. The first boats and homes were made from this strong tree, allowing humans to expand and evolve.

Hazel supports new beginnings, creativity, overcoming challenges and approaching things with an open and flexible mindset.


Patience, Adaptability, Wisdom, Acceptance, Clarity

The slow growing holly tree first evolved around 3000 million years ago and can teach us so much about the adaptability, wisdom, and patience they have learned in order to be successful.

They are in their element on dull Winter days where their bright red berries and glossy green leaves bring an energetic boost to remind us of the life force within.

Holly trees may wait in the understory of woodlands for hundreds of years until the conditions are just right for them to expand. A good reminder that things will occur at just the right time.


Strength, Stability, Grounding, Balance

Oak trees support more life than any other native tree. They live long lives, bringing stability to the environment around them. Human evolution has been shaped by these magnificent trees and we have an intrinsic connection to them.

Oak trees are associated with the Summer Solstice and are often described as the King of the Woods. Their roots delve as deep as their branches open wide giving them balance and a deep rootedness that supports their vast presence.

Wild Rose

Compassion, Heart Centred, Joy, Healing, Gratitude

Rose has long been a symbol of love, beauty and healing and has been used therapeutically for thousands of years. Holding medicine for both the physical and emotional heart centre, Rose guides us to live, learn and love from our hearts.

Rose can be a supportive ally when living with trauma, grief, depression, and anxiety and gently reminds us of the joy, compassion and beauty that can feel lost amidst difficult times.


Longevity, Regeneration, Ancestral connection, Survival, Strength.

Yew trees were deeply revered by our ancestors as the ‘tree of immortality’ due to their amazing abilities to survive, regenerate and live for thousands of years. Humans have most probably evolved and lived alongside Yew trees since the beginning.

Yew trees can provide the gift of perspective, inner strength and ingenuity as well as help us to feel connected to our ancestors and their wisdom.

We would love to hear if you are drawn to any in particular. If you missed the first 7 woods, you can enjoy them here.

Our Forest Pendants will be in store from Monday 20th and will be made to order for you, meaning there will be more than one of each wood available. Your piece will be unique to you and will differ from the examples in these photos slightly as is the nature of nature!

We are offering 10% off our Forest Pendants on Monday only when the code FORESTLOVE is entered at the checkout.

Thank you for all your support

Nic and Chris

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