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The Summer Solstice also known as Litha falls between June 20th and 23rd each year and marks the longest day of the year and the beginning of the Summer season in the Northern hemisphere. As daylight hours reach their peak on this day, we begin our transition into the second half of the year. Light after the Summer Solstice slowly wanes towards the Winter Solstice, where we reach the shortest day in December.

Transitioning to the second part of the year can lead us to wonder how the months have gone, perhaps even more under the circumstances we have faced this year. Us humans commonly have a preference for daylight (not to mention the warmth) so thinking of its retreat is not always easy. However the earth, if we allow it, can be a good teacher of balance. Year on year we witness Summer and Winter rise and fall, giving way to one another through the seasonal cycle, always moving, always changing and always returning.

Being aware of what is going on in our outer world can help us to connect to and learn more about our inner worlds. In this article I will discuss how we can use the energy of the season to cultivate inner reflection and set intentions for the second part of the year.

Element: Fire

This Summer season is associated with the element of fire. Fire energises and aids transformation. It can literally and metaphorically burn away things that we no longer need. Emotionally this may include any limitations or barriers, old thought or behaviour patterns and experiences in our lives that we feel ready to transform.

Just like all of the elements, fire has more and less helpful qualities. In balance, fire energy can stimulate the motivation required to bring new projects to life. Fire can clear our path and cultivate clarity. It helps kindle ideas, enthusiasm, creativity and positive action. In excess, fire energy can bring an intensity to our emotions that may feel chaotic or overwhelming.

Around this time it can be helpful to reflect on the qualities of fire energy noted above and consider what you would like to ignite, breakthrough or transform in this season. If it suits, spend 5 or 10 minutes writing an answer to this question in a journal, seeing what arises.

Outer observations

The Summer is associated with abundance. The natural world is in full bloom. The increased light up to this point has provided favourable conditions for life to be nourished. Flowers are abundant, colours are rich, new life is flourishing and fruits begin to ripen.

This can be a good time to reflect on what is abundant in your life right now. Some years this is going to be easier to answer than others. You many wish to note down anything you are grateful for and what you have learned this year. It can also be a helpful time to consider any areas of your life that you may wish to cultivate more abundance in this season.

Finally, over the next week or so, make time to observe the season surrounding you, notice the earth blooming, and recognise what is required to reach this point. If it suits, see what follows when you write the words, “to bloom, I need”….

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Solstice blessings!

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