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Forest Pendant Collection part 1

We have had some lovely responses to our upcoming Forest Pendant Collection and wanted to share a bit more about the woods that we have chosen and their energetic properties. This is the first half of the collection that will be in store from Monday.


Strength, Direction, Transformation, Protection

Ash trees grow strong and tall, their branches reaching in the direction of the Sun. Their wood has long been prized for wands and staffs thanks to its protective and magickal qualities.

It is one of the first trees to let go of its leaves come Autumn, guiding us in the art of transformation.


Inspiration, Nurturing, Community, Communication, Support.

The majestic Beech tree is a joy to witness at any time of year. In Spring they create a heart nurturing, protective canopy. Beech trees are known as the ‘Mother of the Woods’ and welcome us to spend time with them, to rest and rekindle our inspiration when we feel lost.

Beech trees communicate, protect and share resources with one another and can support us in community work, communication, mothering and nurturing roles.


New Beginnings, Transformation, Flexibility, Courage, Nurturing

Birches have pioneering spirits, they often return first to areas of land that have been cleared or burnt making places more hospitable for other trees to follow. They have the power to transform their environments, lighting up the darkest of Winter days and encouraging growth in barren places.

They support the health of the whole woodland by sharing nutrients and their qualities are particularly supportive to carers, nurturers and those working on the front line. As Birch trees shed their old bark, they can guide us in letting go and being seen.


Inner Strength, Longevity, Inner Listening, Wisdom

Western red Cedar is Native to North West America where it is considered a ‘Tree of Life’. With some trees living more than 1000 years, they are sacred to local communities who use all parts of the tree for shelter, clothing, boats and medicine.

This beautiful evergreen has since naturalised in the UK and is celebrated for having one of the most durable woods in the world. A member of the Cypress family, Western Red Cedar welcomes us to stand against its tall trunk to reflect and learn from its wisdom.


Love, Appreciation, Joy, Renewal

The Cherry tree has been a symbol of love and joy throughout the ages. The beauty of the blossom is thought by many to be unrivalled and it can teach us much about impermanence, appreciation and gratitude.

Cherry is associated with the Spring and is celebrated throughout the world as a symbol of good fortune, community and the blossoming of new life.


Wisdom, Healing, Regeneration, Life force, Cycle of life.

Affectionately known as the ‘Queen of trees’ and the ‘Witches tree’. Elder is one of our eldest medicinal plant allies. Surviving the last Ice age, Elder is one of the first trees to burst back into leaf after the Winter. A symbol of Life force and rebirth she encourages movement to areas of stagnation in our lives. Elder trees can guide us with moving forward, transforming stuck energy and remembering the magick that exists within and outside of us.


Adaptable, Perseverance, Protection, Vitality, Self Care

Gorse has the ability to flower all year round and can often be seen bringing brightness to the dullest of days, in the harshest of landscapes.

This resilient plant has developed many adaptations that help it to thrive in the most barren lands, producing nitrogen that helps to enrich the soil around its roots so that it is able to grow where other plants cannot. Its strong spikes protect it further so it is able to bloom without restraint. Gorse can support us with knowing how to nourish ourselves and honour our needs.

We would love to hear if you are drawn to any of the woods in particular. We shall send out the second part of the collection on Sunday along with a discount code for all our lovely subscribers. Also keep your eyes peeled for a little Litha love tomorrow!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend,

Nic and Chris.

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