Wheel of the Year, Wild Jewellery

Mabon, Balance & Sun and Moon pendants

As we move towards Mabon, the festival marking the Autumn equinox in the Northern hemisphere, we leave behind the long days of Summer as day length slowly dwindles.

The word ‘equinox’ comes from the Latin word meaning ‘equal night’ and twice a year, on both the Spring and Autumn equinoxes, night and day length become equal. This can be a good time to pause and reflect on the balance in our own lives…

After a Summer filled with active, outward growth and light, the natural world has begun slowing down, letting go and preparing for a more restful and nourishing time.

We felt inspired this week to create some new Wild Jewellery pieces that celebrate balance. Our Sun and Moon pairs are crafted from Bone Oak and Spalted Beech wood. Both of these iconic trees are deeply connected with the Autumn season and the rare forms of these woods are particularly special. Bone Oak is the inner heartwood found on a deceased Oak limb. It is exceptionally strong (like bone) and its patterns are rich and deep. Spalted Beech has wonderful patterns too caused by fungal processes, both limited and very special finds for us.

At this time of year as we transition to Autumn I find myself pulled to create a space within my home to practice meditation and self care practices, or make current ones more cosy and welcoming. If you feel called to, reflect on how balanced different areas of your life feel just now; relationships (with self and others) work, creativity, self nurturing. Perhaps set some intentions on how you will bring more balance to the areas that feel in need of it.

Sending warm wishes as we move towards the Autumn,

Nic and Chris

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