If you go down to the woods today…

…you may be in for a big surprise, (but more on that later!) This is one of my favourite times of year to spend in the woods. The hedgerows are bursting with colourful berries and ripening acorns adorn the Oaks. It is an in between time where the green leaves feel as though they are making the most of the last days before they fall and I am so grateful to still be enjoying them for a little longer…

In the spirit of balance (so apt for this time of year) we spent much of yesterday’s Autumn Equinox crafting Jewellery, packing up orders and filling in our tax return so today we headed out early to visit our new local woodland. It was a glorious, blue skied Autumn day, we filled our mouths with blackberries and our pockets with rosehips and hawthorn berries. I shall be drying them out over the next week to make an oxymel with them.

One thing I especially love to notice at this time of year are all of next year’s newly formed leaf buds and catkins. I only discovered this happens a few years ago, before this I just assumed they grew in the Spring. Very cleverly they actually use the last of the Summer’s energy to form before they go into the Winter, so that when the cues for Spring begin next year, the hardest work has already been done, they just need to find the inner strength to expand and unfurl! A lovely reminder of Spring that you can look to in the depths of Winter!

With love from the woods,

Nic and Chris x

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