Land Update – Circular Herb Garden

As we enter our third week here on our land, we have been busy working on what will be our main herb beds. We wanted the beds themselves to be beautiful spaces for us to spend time within and had felt drawn to circular designs from early on. Circles are rich with symbolism, a shape with no beginning or end, they are often linked with infinity, interconnection, protection, the feminine, flow and of course the Wheel of the Year.

Circular gardens and spaces have been created throughout history, from stone circles, to medicine wheel gardens and sacred spaces for ceremony, meetings and healing…

As with our van build, we will be using as many reclaimed materials as possible in the garden starting with the free bricks we used to mark out our herb beds. The first four beds surround an inner circle with paths that lead to the centre of the circle from each of the four cardinal directions ; North, East, South and West. We will in time add an outer layer with another four beds making eight in total.

We are using a no dig method, adding a layer of cardboard (free from a supermarket) straight onto the grass then building up with layers of fresh and dry grass cuttings and compost to top. We will let the beds settle for a few months before adding more compost and planting our herbs.

We are already using the inner circle space for our tea breaks, yoga and chilling out at the end of the day. I see myself crafting in this space next Summer and can’t wait to see how it develops. Yesterday we decided to sit and eat our dinner outside and were met by a beautiful rainbow after a stormy few days!

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