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Guided Smoulder Stick Mindfulness Practice

Hello lovely souls, below is a guided practice you may wish to use alongside your Smoulder Stick. Find a comfortable space where you can sit and relax for a while, have a candle and lighter available and a heat proof dish for your stick. Enhance this practice with any of your favourite music, oils, blankets etc. You can use this guide whether you choose to light your stick or not.

Find a space to sit comfortably for a while and take some relaxed breaths as you settle into this moment. As you light a candle in front of you, thank yourself for making this time today for you – it is not always easy. Observe the candle for a few moments as you feel the ground beneath you.

If you choose to light your Smoulder Stick you can hold it gentle above the flame of your candle. Let the heat of the flame rise to it. If it catches alight, this is fine, just blow the flame out gently. Once smouldering, place your stick on a heatproof dish in front of you and observe the aromatic smoke dance and move.

If you prefer not to burn your stick, you can hold it gently in the palm of your hand and observe the plants instead, both are powerful practices.

Allow yourself to be gently held by the supportive energies of the plants as you give permission for your shoulders to relax down. Soften your jaw, as you take a big sigh and relax your forehead. Breathing gently, observe the Smoulder Stick. If you become aware of any areas of tension in the body, bring some softness to them.

If there is anything you feel ready to release today, imagine allowing it to leave your body as you breath out. Imagine it drifting away with the smoke. Spend as long as your need breathing, resting and feeling the ground beneath you.

Before finishing your practice, you may wish to set an intention to support you with the rest of your day. Place your hand on your heart, take a couple of deep breaths and see what follows as you say the words ‘today I will prioritise…..’

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