How we Burn our Loose Incense Blends

Burning incense is an ancient art that has been practiced across the world for many thousands of years. Long before our ability to extract the essential oils from plants, burning the whole dried plant would have been the earliest form of aromatherapy.

Incense burning was common place in hospitals, places of worship and the home to promote health, clear the air, enhance meditation and spiritual practices, in celebration or remembrance or to cultivate a sense of protection and grounding.

Incense comes in many forms and our Smoke Cleansing Incense Blends combine a mixture of leaves, flowers, barks and resins, all of which we have grown or sustainably foraged from the Wild. You can find out more about our Incense collection here.

Our blends have been created to celebrate the energies of the beautiful plants within the blend and are best suited to use in rituals, for smoke cleansing and clearing and meditation practices. We do not add fragrance or essential oils to our blends and they are not intended solely for use as a fragrance enhancer.

We have had many questions about how to use our incense blends so we wanted to provide some more information in this post.

Our favourite way to burn our loose incense blends is using an incense burner with a mesh top so the herbs smoulder above a candle. Our Wild Fen loose incense burners in store now.

You can also add a pinch of loose incense to a charcoal disk in a burner for ceremonial use outdoors or in a well ventilated area

There are other ways to enjoy loose incense too. For a very gentle fragrance, the dry blend can be added to a standard incense burner (non mesh, above a tealight candle) which will release the oils from the plants and emit a gentle calming scent.

Alternatively, you do not need to burn the blend at all to enjoy the plant energies. You can carry your tin with you for a grounding tool that can be breathed in to calm and relax you throughout the day.

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