Midsummer Smoulder Sticks

The Summer Solstice has long been believed to be the most potent time of the year to gather herbs, that are filled with vibrant Midsummer energy. This time can also be wonderful for crafting herbal remedies or tying herbs up to dry and store for the months ahead.

It has become a tradition for us to gather herbs around this time to dry for our Incense Blends or weave into our Smoulder sticks.

This year, being met with a clear and beautiful day, I gave thanks for all of the growth in our herb garden before gathering bunches of fresh Sage, Rosemary, Bay, Marjoram, Lemon balm and Feverfew. Some of these when dried will also go into our own tea and herb blends that we use throughout the year.

Sat beneath the Midsummer Sun I crafted a small batch of Herb and Flora Smoulder Sticks. This is one of my favourite mindful practices. Grateful for the potent, precious herbs that go on to clear and energise your home and spaces.

You can find out all about Smoulder Sticks and how to use them here and shop our new sticks now.

For 10% off your order this weekend, add the code ‘SMOULDER10’ at the checkout.

With love and plant magick,

Nicola and Chris

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