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Celebrating Majestic May with a Hawthorn Wild Jewellery collection

I think of May engulfing the land in a vibrant cloak of green and blossoms. One of my favourite things to do this month is stand beneath the canopies of newly opened Beech, Oak or Horse Chestnut leaves and feel the light find its way down to me, filtered through their green pigments. My other joy of the month is of course the Hawthorn or May tree that fills our hedgerows and trackways with its creamy white blossom.

In today’s post we will be introducing you to our 9 Hawthorn pendants, a new Smoke Cleansing Incense blend and giving you first access to both…

Hawthorn Wild Jewellery Collection

Inspired by the rich colour and wild, fluid shapes of the magickal Hawthorn tree we have crafted 9 Hawthorn pendants. Each unique piece is created in deep connection with the windfallen wood as we are guided to celebrate the unique features we find within.

Our Wild Jewellery was created as a way for us to carry some of the energy we felt amongst certain trees into our daily lives, for the times we couldn’t be in the woodland, the woodland could still be with us.

The May tree

Hawthorns have long been associated with magic, healing and protection. Once a custom to plant a Hawthorn outside every house for good luck, they are still found marking many sacred sites around the country.

Hawthorn is believed to aid connection to our intuition and the wisdom of the natural world.  A medicine for the heart and the nervous system Hawthorn can guide us to reconnect to ourselves and our magic, dispel fear and live from the heart.

Bloom Smoke Cleansing Blend

To accompany this Wild Jewellery collection we have crafted a limited edition Smoke Cleansing Incense blend to embody the bountiful energy of the season. Bloom combines our homegrown Rosemary, Lavender, Jasmine and Rose petals with the wild magick of Hawthorn, Apple, Lilac, Ground Ivy, Yarrow and Pine Resin.

Release info

Our Hawthorn pendants and Bloom blend will be in store Wednesday 17th May at 12 noon. As subscribers, you beautiful people get access first before we announce the release on social media. You will be able to add a Bloom blend to your pendant order for a special discount too. We hope you love them!

As always, thank you for your ongoing support. We will leave you with a few of our favourite May moments so far…

With love and magick,

Nic and Chris

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