Mindful Magick smoulder stick

We recently put out a question over on our Instagram page asking what people would like from a smoulder stick. The most common answer we received was around support for anxiety, stress and depression.

Last month, we created a beautiful smoulder stick after a harvest of our flowering marjoram along with other herbs in our garden – lemon balm, bay, thyme and lemon verbena. Each of these herbs is known to positively impact our nervous system, calming the body and relaxing the mind. We teamed these herbs with foraged plants known to benefit our mental health. We only made 6 which sold quickly but after finding some beautiful wild pink marjoram last week, we decided to make a new batch.

Marjoram is an uplifting herb to work with. In ancient Greece it was named ‘joy of the mountains’ and was combined with thyme and burned to help ease grief and sadness. It is a nervine that helps tension headaches and insomnia, although is not recommended during pregnancy. We also added oatstraw to our new batch of sticks that calms and strengthens the nervous system.

We now have 5 new Mindful Magick smoulder sticks. With potent plants known to help calm the central nervous system, reduce symptoms of stress and help uplift our spirits. These sticks emit an aromatic smoke when burned and can be used in mindfulness and meditation practices. If you would prefer not to burn your stick, you can hang it above your bed or place on your altar to enjoy the energy of the plants. You can find out more information about each plant used in this stick and their benefits in our Etsy listing.

6 thoughts on “Mindful Magick smoulder stick”

  1. After years of advice from my cousin and bff I finally gave in and started doing Sage cleansing and it has helped my mental health SO MUCH in the short time I’ve been doing it. I’m always so curious about other herbs and options. This was such an interesting and insightful post esp for people like me who are new to this!


    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and feedback 🙏🏼 Sage is such a beautiful plant and started my smoke cleansing journey. We love combining potent herbs both homegrown and wild foraged too xx

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  2. Amazing post! I often make smoulder sticks, or herbal wands as I call them. I used yarrow, mullein leaves, vervain and some other herbs collected from the garden.


    1. Oh wow, these sound wonderful. They are a joy to make aren’t they? I found a few lovely fresh patches of mullein recently and enjoyed creating some new sticks with them.


      1. Such a joy!! And I love working with the herbs that grow in my area and were probably apart of my ancestors lives too 💚


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