Wheel of the Year

Samhain is coming

Samhain can be thought of as the birth of Winter. Falling at the end of October/beginning of November in the Northern Hemisphere it marks the final harvest period and is the origin of the modern day festival of Halloween. If you are new to the Wheel of the Year (an ancient way of marking the passing seasons) you can read more about it here.

At this time of year the natural world prepares for a period of deep rest. Like a big exhale, tree sap descends back down the tree trunks to rest in the roots. The seeds of Summer blooms now lay dormant deep within the earth and animals prepare for their hibernation.

This time of year can bring with it a whole host of feelings for us too. For some it may feel like a cosy and nourishing time, an invitation to slow down and turn inwards. For others it may kindle feelings of sadness, grief, low energy or a mixture of both….

Observing the energy of each season can guide us to reflect on those themes in our own lives. At Samhain these may include endings, letting go, losses and the lessons we have learned from adversity. We may feel called to embrace rest, wind down and nourish ourselves whilst dreaming of what the seeds of next year’s growth may hold.

To celebrate the energy of Samhain, we have created a small batch of Samhain Incense Blends and boxsets crafted under the full moon and available now.

A deeply cleansing and protective blend to support us as we prepare for the darker months ahead. With plant allies that help us clear our space, connect to ancestral wisdom and guide us on our inner journey. Blended with homegrown and wild gathered botanicals including; Rosemary, Sage, Mugwort, Rowan, Apple and Pine.

Our Samhain boxset include our loose Incense Blend, Seasonal Reflection card and a Rowan Berry Garland.

We are also offering 10% off when you order any of our Wheel of the Year prints or card set when you entering the code SAMHAIN10 at the checkout from now until Sunday.

With love and plant magick for Samhain and beyond,

Nic and Chris x

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