The Magick of Beech

The majestic Beech tree is a joy to witness at any time of year. In Autumn she stands ablaze with her fiery orange crown, cloaking the forest floor beneath her with smooth, rusty leaves. Winter is a time to admire her smooth, grey bark before she unfurls her heart nurturing, protective green canopy in the Spring.

Beech trees are known as the ‘Mother of the Woods’ and welcome us to spend time with them, to rest and rekindle our inspiration when we feel lost. They communicate with one another, sharing resources with younger trees and give out danger signals if they come under attack from insects, so that other trees can protect themselves in response.

As we greet the New Moon in Cancer today, we felt inspired to create our Moon Pendant from beautiful Beech wood, to honour the nurturing energies that the watery Cancer sign brings. These can now be made to order along with our Beech Forest Pendants, shop now.

Beech trees communicate, protect and share resources with one another and can support us in community work, communication, mothering and nurturing roles.

The energetic qualities of Beech include: Inspiration, Nurturing, Community, Communication, Support.

As always we would love to hear about your own experiences with Beech trees and their energy.

To say thank you for your support we are offering 15% off either of our Beech pendants today only when you enter ‘NEWMOON15‘ at the checkout.

Wishing you all a peaceful and nourishing New Moon,

Nic and Chris.

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