Sustainability, Ethics and Plastic Free July

Plastic free July is a global movement that aims to raise awareness and encourage the reduction of single use plastic. It felt like a good time for us to review and share our own sustainability and ethical commitments with you.

Wild Fen was created in celebration of our deep love and respect for Nature. The values that guide our business are the same as those that guide our life.

The easiest part of our business to talk about are the parts we are able to ensure for ourselves. It has always been important to us to grow or gather all of the plants, wood and resins that we work with, guided first and foremost by a deep connection and loving respect for nature. This means gardening chemical free, prioritising wildlife, developing a rich understanding of our environments and adhering to foraging code and practice.

Our homegrown chemical free botanicals

When sourcing any materials for Wild Fen we consider many questions; is it natural? how has it been made? what impact does it have on the earth and can we source it as locally as possible? This involves a lot of time and research, often wading through vast amounts of greenwashing along the way. We source recycled, recyclable or biodegradable packaging from the UK wherever possible.

Paper tape, compostable film and recyclable boxes

We aim to run an authentic, sustainable, local business and this means reviewing our choices on a regular basis, we always welcome your feedback too. For more information about all of our products, you can visit our Sustainability and Ethics page.

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