The Magic of Oak

Oak trees support more life than any other native tree, providing food and shelter to hundreds of species of insects, birds, mammals and fungi. They live long lives (between 700 – 1000 years) and bring stability and support to the environment around them. Their roots delve as deep as their branches open wide, giving them balance and a deep rootedness that supports their vast presence.

This iconic tree has shaped human evolution and we have an intrinsic connection to them in this landscape. We have walked beside them for thousands of years, feeding on their acorns, building boats and homes from their wood and navigating by, and meeting beneath their sheltering branches.

In this post we will be sharing more about our journey getting to know this wonderful tree and its symbolism and associations…

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The Magick of Ash

I had never much connected with Ash trees before this year and yet over recent months, they have become one of my strongest plant allies.

Before I talk more about the wonderful qualities of Ash trees, let me first explain a little more about the way I connect with plants and how this process has evolved over the years. My interest in plants grew upon discovering some of the medicinal and healing properties of the herbs that I was growing within my garden. I spent much time researching their qualities and experimenting using them in teas, bath soaks and other herbal remedies. It was a brilliant way to kindle my fascination with plants and open my mind to the healing held within so much of that which is found around us.

Over the years, the way I connect with plants has become more intuitive. It often begins with me noticing a certain plant whilst out on a walk. It seems to catch my attention and I feel pulled to get to know more about it. Often now, if the species is new to me, I find the name comes to me somehow too, a knowing of the plant arising from somewhere within.

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