Wild Jewellery

Wild Jewellery Update

We have a new collection of one-off Wild Jewellery pieces now in store. These pieces have evolved slowly throughout the Summer months, guided by the intricacies and life history of the woods.

This collection includes pieces crafted from Yew as well as Beech, Oak, and two brand new woods for us to work with that we will be introducing below; Blackthorn and Box.


Only small pockets of wild Box woodlands now remain in the UK and they are truly magickal places.

Box trees are extremely slow growing and can live for hundreds of years. They have deep roots and provide dense shelter and protection to Wildlife.

Energetic Qualities of Box: Strength, Possibility, Guardianship, Rootedness, Enchantment.


Blackthorns are small but powerful trees that grow in dense thickets. Their sharp thorns create boundaries and working with their energy can help us strengthen our own boundaries to create a safe space to connect with our inner worlds.

Blackthorn blossom arrives before the leaves in early Spring, providing a symbol of hope and a reminder of the cyclic nature of all things.

Energetic Qualities of Blackthorn: Boundaries, Determination, Hope, Overcoming Challenges.

You can read more about each of the woods in the item listings here.

Each piece of wood is respectfully gathered, carved and smoothed to celebrate the unique story and energy it holds. Alongside of one-off collections, we also make a selection of our pendants to order too. You can head over to our shop now and view them all.

We would love to hear if there are any you feel drawn to!

Nic and Chris x

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