The Magick of Box

Box is one of our 5 native evergreen trees in the UK alongside Yew, Scots Pine, Juniper and Holly. It is now most commonly thought of as a neatly trimmed garden shrub however was once a more common feature in our woodlands.

Small pockets of ancient Box woodland remain in the UK. Most notably on Box Hill in Surrey with other patches found in the Chilterns and Cotswolds. They are truly magickal places to visit and provide stable, protective environments for rare lichens and insects amongst other wildlife.

We were lucky enough to visit an ancient Box woodland earlier this year on a rather damp early Spring day. We spent a few hours sheltering beneath their dense foliage and mystical branches, getting to know this wonderful tree.

Box wood is one of very few that doesn’t float in water due to its density. Its strong, yellow wood was once highly prized for carving and engraving, and was the chosen wood for prayer beads in years gone by. We carved our first pendant from windfallen box wood recently, opting for a smooth oval bead to highlight the beautiful grain and colours of this wood.

Energetic Properties of Box

Strength, Possibility, Guardianship, Rootedness, Enchantment.

We would love to hear about your experience with Box, have you ever visited any ancient woodlands? Did you know it can grow beyond a small shrub?

With tree magick,

Nic and Chris x

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