Wild Jewellery

Forest Pendants

We began crafting Wild Jewellery this time last year, inspired by the solace and healing we have always found in woodlands, none more so than the chaotic times of the past few years.

We would find ourselves being drawn to particular trees, pulled to get to know them in greater depth. We spent hours beneath their branches, learning their stories and patterns, returning often, researching their qualities and reflecting on their energy.

We started to gather windfallen wood from our most favourite trees, (always with their permission of course and often with their help!) Guided by the wood, we began crafting pendants and beads by hand, celebrating the unique stories of each piece as we shaped and smoothed the wood.

It brings us so much joy, to discover the rich colours and patterns hidden beneath the surface and at the start of the year, we had an idea for a collection that would celebrate the diversity of some of our favourite woods.

And so we dreamt up Forest Pendants. A collection of pendants made to order from 13 of our favourite trees (and plants, as you will soon see, they are not all trees!) Crafted simply to celebrate the raw and unique character of each wood. We think of them as crystals of the forest.

So are you ready for a sneak peak?

Our Forest Pendants will be added to our Etsy store on Monday morning. We shall be sending out a discount code before then so be sure to keep your eyes peeled! You can read about the energetic properties of all the woods here and here.

We are already working with some lovely new woods behind the scenes too, so if your favourite tree is missing fear not, this collection with be ever expanding.

We would love to hear if you are drawn to any in particular and will be sharing more about their individual qualities soon.

Until then, love from the forest!

Nic and Chris

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