Introducing Wild Fen Incense Burners

If you follow us on social media, you may well have seen a sneak preview of something very special that we have been working on this year. Since we first began blending our own loose incense a few years ago, we have been on the look out for the ideal way to burn them. This led to us dreaming of creating our very own burner when we struggled to source one locally…

Thankfully, we crossed paths with magickal Dorset Potter Helen Walker, who listened to our vision and brought them to life using her intuitive connection with the clay to create something more special than we could have imagined.

Crafted from earthy clay, the ceramic burners are topped with a mesh disc. This allows the herbs to sit above a tealight candle and gently smoulder, burning without the need for charcoal which makes them ideal for indoor use.

Introducing our Incense Burners


Our Earth burner is unglazed, allowing the raw texture of the clay to be celebrated. Reminiscent of rich earth.


Our Forest burner has been finished with a solid green glaze that upon firing has darker flecks. Reminiscent of the deep forest.


Our Ocean burner has been dipped in white and then turquoise glazes to create a wild, untamed finish. Reminiscent of the wild sea.

Our burners are now available in store.

Nic and Chris x

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