The Magic of Foraging

There are so many reasons we love to forage for wild plants. Firstly any excuse to be out in nature, is always inspiring and restorative for us. The discovery of a plant that is growing wild, without pesticides and can be bursting with nutrients and healing properties all for free always feels like such a gift. But another reason I love it, are for the lessons I learn along the way.

A few days ago, I set out with an intention to gather some freshly bloomed wild Rose. I had been seeing it in abundance along roadsides for a couple of days and hoped to collect some from a pollution free spot for the first time this year. However upon arriving at our destination, the Rose buds were tightly coiled and far from blooming. The place was so beautiful though; bird song vibrant, wildflower rich and I felt so at peace as my senses absorbed my surroundings with glee.

As we continued along our path, we came across some Spruce trees heavy with new vibrant green tips. I have enjoyed Pine needle tea over the years but had never managed to catch Spruce tips at the right time. What a delight it was to forage for these zingy treats, rich in Vitamin C. A while later our noses discovered a huge patch of Water Mint making the perfect accompaniment to the Spruce tip tea.

Despite setting out with one plant in mind I returned with something different, but equally as wonderful and this happens almost every time I forage. The magic of being guided by nature and allowing her to unfold in her own time.

I shall share other uses for both of the plants in future posts too. It is important to mention that we always adhere to guidelines when we forage to ensure safe & responsible foraging. For more guidance and info about this please click here.

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