Samhain Celebration Box

As the wheel of the year turns towards Samhain, we have been busy creating an offering that is intended to help you honour and welcome the new season with a little plant and candle magick!

Samhain is the third and final harvest and the end of the growth period. The light continues to wane and winter’s presence is born. Our Samhain box is centred around protection and resilience with a touch of magick as we journey into the darkness.

Find them in our ETSY store.

Samhain Smoulder stick

Crafted under the powerful energy of the harvest moon, with plant allies from deep within the forest. This stick is intended to bring magick and protection and a cleansing aromatic smoke. With Cedar, Pine, Rowan and Mugwort from the forest and Rosemary and Lavender from our organic herb garden.

Rowan berry garland

Rowan is a tree known for its inner strength and resilience growing in many an inhospitable place. For generations the beautiful berries have been used as a tool of protection. We have threaded them into a garland that can be hung up, laid around a candle, placed on a window sill or carried with you.

Hedgerow Vintage’s Candle charm

This beautiful candle was handcrafted especially for this Samhain box by the wonderful Haile of Hedgerow Vintage. Made on the harvest full moon it holds obsidian and red jasper crystals and rosemary and calendula to offer a protective glow during any Samhain ritual.

Samhain reflection card

We designed this A6 card using historical botanical illustrations. On the back are seasonal insights & guided reflections for you to work with over the season.

You can add a Lunar Cycle or Wheel of the Year print to your box at a discounted price

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