Autumn Equinox Celebration Box

As the wheel of the year turns towards the Autumn Equinox next month, we have been busy creating an offering that is intended to help you celebrate and welcome the new season with a little plant and crystal magick.

This is our first seasonal box so we are very excited to share it with you and have 10 available this season. (Now sold out)

Celebration box includes:

Mabon botanical bundle

Traditionally plant bundles have been gathered and hung in the home to welcome a new season.

We created this decorative bundle so that it can be displayed in a vase, hung up or laid in a special space. Our magickal Autumn bundles include a teasel, wild oats, rosehips, yarrow, hawthorn berries and grasses.

Mabon smoulder stick

Smoulder sticks are burned to release an aromatic, therapeutic smoke.

This stick contains a blend of plants associated with either the sun or moon to celebrate the unity and balance of the Equinox.

With oat straw, hazel, willow, water mint, bay, goldenrod, sage, fennel, yarrow, nasturtium, lavender, hawthorn, plantain and mallow to offer peace & comfort as we transition to the dark half of the year.

Reflection card

We designed this A6 card using historical botanical illustrations. On the back are seasonal insights & guided reflections for you to work with over the season.


This is a very special stone that we collected ourselves in Scotland and tumbled it for a smooth finish.

Bloodstone is an excellent grounding tool, helping us to connect to the earth and our senses, helping to calm the nervous system. It is thought to hold many benefits, including promoting a healthy immune system.

Wheel of the Year Print (optional)

You can also add our 8 x 10 print of the wheel of the year to your box at a reduced cost if you choose.

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